Thursday, October 26, 2006


guys, I started reading this book 2 days ago, with the hope of geting to know more of my hero's ideals, thoughts ad beliefs. i have managed to read only about a 100 pages till now. but what i read hit me so hard in the face, that i couldn't stop marvelling at the absloute genius of this man, Adolf Hitler.

I could almost draw a clearcut analogy between the political conditions in Vienna at that time, and what we are experiencing today in India. Do you think we should be proud that we are living in the world's biggest democracy? well, after reading this, you'll surely think again.....

Look at this for instance."( in democracy,) they(politicians) are so much on the tip-toe of expectation that they find it hard to wait for their turn. They stand in a long queue, painfuly and sadly waiting for their turn, calculating the hours untill they might come forward.they watch every change that takes place in the personnel of the office which they hope to achieve one day, and they are grateful for every scandal which removes one of the aspirants standing in the queue. after some duration, that ' inconsiderate ' person in the ofice in driven out and forced to hand over his cosy berth to the for public disposal."

I have never before, read a description so accurate, of a politician. remember he wrote this book some 80 years back, and his theories and conclusions apply without even an iota of change to our today's political conditions. have you ever wondered why our ministers always back out at the time of taking tough decisions? Hitler has the EXACT answer.

"The cabinet( of ministers) will always function only as the executor of the will of majority.Its politcal ability can be judged only according to how far it succeeds in adjusting itself to the will of majority , or in persuading the majority to agree its proposals. but this means that it must descend from a level of real goverining power to a mere beggar who has to beg the approval of a majority that may got together for the time being. Indeed, the chief business of the cabinet becomes to secure the position of the majority. If it succedds, it can go on ' governing ' for a while. The question whether its policy has been right or wrong doesn't matter at all."

BINGO!, don't you think?? next, Hitler speaks about the intellect of the elected members.why do we think that the people we elect can ably represent our problems ? what is so special in them that they can do it for us? read this for brilliance...

"Nobody, I hope, is foolish enough to believe that hundreds of efficient and honest politicians can emerge from papers placed in ballot boxes by electors who are hardly anything else but averagely intelligent.The absurd idea that men of genius are born out of sufferings and hardships cannot be too strongly supported.The country may be blessed even if one genius appears in one election.such men do not appear in hundreds, all at once.
Whatever has happened in history above the level of broad public has been mostly due to driving force of a single individual, NOT the majority.
But here, few hundred people, with less than modest intelligence pass judgement on the matters of utmost importance to the nation.They decide the policies and strategies of the nation.
Indeed, the policy , generally speaking, bears the stamp of the origin."

simply amazing! the way in which he puts the root of the problem right before our very eyes, atleast i had no other choice but to nod my head in agreement to his out guys, there's much more to come, as i read it further.....
I hope you have surely changed the way you look at democracy by now.. awaiting your comments..

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